For a smile in need of significant repair, dentures offer Dr. Kazemi the ability to restore a patient’s ability to eat, drink, talk, and laugh like normal.

For patients with a few missing teeth, partial dentures can help to bridge the holes in a smile and provide the remaining teeth with the support and structure needed to maintain and improve their oral health. Patients missing all or most of their natural teeth can use full dentures to restore their ability to eat solid foods, talk unimpeded, and enjoy all of the little things that make life worth living.

If you’re looking to reclaim your oral health, contact family dentist Dr. Kazemi today to schedule a denture consultation. Missing teeth can cause a variety of health problems that go far beyond your teeth and gums. Patients missing multiple teeth have a higher risk for experiencing malnutrition, difficulty eating, and to lose additional teeth. Don’t let your oral health deteriorate due to tooth loss. Contact our Colorado Springs office to see what a difference dentures can make to your smile and your self-confidence.